Wednesday, March 18, 2009

iPhone Photo Per Day (iPPPD)

Textured Wall Graffiti
Textured Wall Graffiti; iPhone & Photogene

Inspired by Chase Jarvis and his iPhone photos (check them out in his portfolio), I've decided I'll try to post one iPhone photo a day to Flickr and this blog, and I'll also try and discuss it, although I can't promise that every day. iPhone camera only, editing on the iPhone only, uploaded from the iPhone. I have several goals for this project; one is that since I have it with me all the time, I can try and capture the moments when I always say "I wish I had a camera". Another is that I can try and grow and practice by capturing what I see in everyday life. Yet another is that I can focus on composition and form, since that's really all I can control with such a simple camera.

The first of these pictures is the one you see above this. It's some graffiti on a nicely textured wall, tilted to draw the eye through the frame. Processing involved dropping the saturation slightly, levels, and adjusting the white balance to get the right combination of blue wall and late afternoon light. I also had to straighten it slightly, because I didn't get it quite right in camera. I used Photogene for all this, and uploaded with Darkslide.

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